Your Phone Call Could Brighten a Life

Larry GrubbHow many homebound members would you guess that FUMC has? On our list there are 119 entries, and 25 of these are couples. That makes for 144 that we know about. Many of them live in their own home sometimes with caregiver help.

The others are in many various care facilities. 

I mentioned that these are the ones we know about. In a church and community this size people frequently get lost. Sometimes they move locally, move in with family members, move out of town, move to a facility, change facilities and the church is not notified about these changes. I mention all of this to ask a huge favor of you. If you are aware of any of our members who might fall into this state of “lostness” would you please let us know?

I want to add here that because of the HIPAA laws hospitals, and care facilities cannot give out this information. Often family members are so overwhelmed they just don’t think about calling the church.

You can call the church office 817/336-7277, Rev. Phyllis Barren 817/339-5082, or me, Larry Grubb 817/921-0794. The church wants to minister to these folks and this is one way you can help.

Take a few minutes and put yourself in this picture. You are no longer able to manage living in the home you have lived in for 50 years. Your mate has died after being married for over 60 years. Your health is failing, you have fallen several times in your home and you have a bit of trouble remembering when to take what medication. Your family has made the decision that you need assisted living and arrange for a facility for you to move into next week.

There are many decisions to make; giving up treasures accumulated over 60 years, what to take with you that will fit into that very small space that is going to be your new home. You can no longer drive and you become aware that you can no longer get to your church, the church you have been a part of for such a long time. The tears come with the thought “Will anyone notice that I am no longer there?” 

Please make that phone call. If they are already on our list, you will know they are being ministered to. If they are NOT on our list a new door of opportunity for us and them has opened. Thank you.

P. S. We made four address changes to our homebound list last week.


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