Persistence Pays Off

Elizabeth BeckerOne morning recently when I was enjoying coffee on my porch, before the heat rolled in, I was reminded of my interaction with a little momma bird. You see, I had just planted my garden pots with beautiful seedlings and was enjoying the prettiness they provided when I discovered this tiny bird building her nest in one of the pots. Each day, I would find dirt and other debris on the porch where she had been at work. I would look to see how the construction was going and then clean up after her. Sometimes, I carefully removed the small twigs and grass that made up the structure of the nest because I was afraid her efforts to build a home were going to ruin my attempts to beautify my porch. Obviously, we had two different agendas…

After many nights of grumbling, my husband finally asked, “Elizabeth, why not let the little bird alone, it’s obvious she’s not giving up!” It was true, this winged beauty was not giving up — we’d had our showdown for about two weeks now! She had discovered the perfect home for her nest, it was cool under the roof of the porch and out of the weather. She was under cover of flowers, hidden from predators and had easy access to water; I suppose these were all the things a momma bird would want for her babies. So I waved the white flag and allowed the bird to build her nest, and in just a few short days 5 small eggs appeared and then 5 chirping, tiny birds with their tightly shut eyes, calling this nest home.

This encounter reminded me of times when I felt like every move I made toward a specific purpose was somehow undone by someone, something else or most likely, by my own undoing. No matter how hard we have to work to achieve our goals, we know that persistence can pay off. The struggle is to be tenacious and resolute in our efforts. What was reaffirmed when gazing on that pot of pretty flowers and foliage is that determination, dedication and devotion to our goal is not always easy but necessary. And, if we are resolved to this hard work, we too will experience the joy of success and achievement, just like this momma bird did.



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