The Ongoing Path of Transformation and Growth

Len Delony1“I love to define mystery as not that which is unknowable, but that which is endlessly knowable. So you never get to the point where ‘I know it all.’ And wouldn’t we assume that would be the nature of God? That God will always by definition be mystery. More knowability, more knowability, deeper experience, deeper surrender. So that’s the meaning of faith, and why faith has such power, not just to transform people but to keep them on an ongoing path of transformation and growth.”

— Fr. Richard Rohr

Come join us this Sunday afternoon, August 28, from 3:00 – 5:00 pm for a “Pathway to Peace” Interfaith Symposium. When we open ourselves to the mystery and Presence of God, there is always something new to discover and share. There probably has never been a greater time of need for respectful dialogue and fresh understanding in our lifetime. Through presentations by leaders of our three common faith traditions, and opportunities to meet and be in fellowship with our neighbors, we can all be part of a common journey where our voices join together to proclaim:

“Let there be Peace on earth. And let it begin with me . . .”

We hope to see you there in Wesley Hall this Sunday afternoon! (If you can’t be there Sunday, please join us in prayer and thanksgiving for our friends in faith.)

Grace and peace,



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