Passionate Authenticity

Dear Friends,

About 10 days ago, our church staff put in motion an exciting period of time between September 8 – October 20. We will use these seven weeks to enthusiastically reach out to one another from all of our worshipping communities — and particularly to those who visit FUMCFW for the first time.

We will have friendly faces and fun activities outside as people arrive. All of our ministry areas will be uniquely focused on the best ways to welcome and celebrate those who are new to our congregation. All of our worship services will be offering the Christian message of hope to anyone who is facing life’s storms — which, one way or another, includes each one of us!

With that in mind, the month of August will be our time of preparation. Throughout the month we will encourage one another and remind ourselves of the right (and wrong) ways to invite our friends and family members to this historic and vibrant center of God’s transforming love here at 800 West 5th Street.

We all know the positive impact it makes to be personally invited to a worship service, small group, special event, or outreach opportunity. What a fabulous feeling it is to be included in something special by one of our “framily!”

With this idea in mind, Dr. Zhenya Gurina-Rodriguez and I have worked together to come up with a theme to guide our worship services — for the first two Sundays of August in the Sanctuary, and for the entire month in The Gathering.


We Invite. Jesus Transforms.

On August 4, our Biblical witness will be the invitation of Elijah to Elisha we find in I Kings 19. From that narrative, we will move into our own examples. Of course, these will likely be both silly and sincere. Best of all, we will explore how best to use our own stories to bless others while doing our best to keep the-main-thing-the-main-thing: God’s transforming love in Jesus Christ.

Please consider yourself invited!

Mike and Zhenya

Dr. Mike Marshall
Associate Pastor of Leadership Development

Dr. Zhenya Gurina-Rodriguez
Associate Pastor of Grace Groups & Discipleship


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