Palm Sunday Stuff

Mark BurrowsFirst of all — I am SO proud of your kids. They are doing an amazing job with the musical.

They have just the right mix of smarts, energy, humor, and spirit!

Second — We sing again this Sunday. It’s super simple, and won’t demand much. But the impact on worship will be great.

We will meet at 9:00 am sharp in the Sanctuary to practice our song “There’s a Path.”

The Junior Worship Leaders’ part is super easy and they will sing with Robert Stovall and Dr. B.

The Children’s Choir will stand at the back and process with palms during the opening hymn.

JWL will also have palms.

After we sing, we’ll head straight to Academy classes.

At 10:55 am we’ll bring the kids down and do it again for the 11:00 am service.

We could use LOTS of adults to help us escort the kids.

Let us know if you can help out.




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