September UMW Luncheon: Our Sacred Place

“We know what takes place in a church on Sunday — it’s the other six days of ministry that often surprise people.” 

— Suzy Yowell, Partners for Sacred Places

United Methodist Women (UMW) is excited to kick off another new year with its September Luncheon: Sacred Places. From the first brick to the largest classroom and the top of the bell tower, FUMCFW is a place that we hold sacred. It’s not only where we worship on Sundays — it’s where we come together to love God, serve people, and transform lives each and every day.

IMG_4389Suzy Yowell, Director of the Texas Office of Partners for Sacred Places, knows how much our church means to us. Partners for Sacred Places — at the intersection of heritage, faith, and community — brings together a national network of expert professionals (just like Suzy) who understand the value of a congregation’s architectural assets, its worth as a faith community, and the significance of its service to the community at large. “Partners for Sacred Places is the only national nonprofit organization dedicated to the active community use and sustainability of America’s historic houses of worship,” Suzy explains. “We understand the unique challenges of worshipping from and caring for an aging facility while meeting the ever-changing needs of our communities through ministry and outreach.”

Through its training programs, information clearinghouse, and professional network, Partners has helped congregations in all 50 states. “Many historic houses of worship are readily recognized for their significant architectural features,” Suzy says. “Partners understands the value of saving these works of art for many generations to come. FUMCFW has long been considered one of the great architectural treasures on Fort Worth’s downtown horizon.” On the morning of October 29, 1929 — the day the stock market crashed — ground was broken for our current facility. Through tough economic times that followed, our congregation remained determined to complete the church building in 1930 as planned. Since completing our current facility, we continue to expand, renovate, and acquire property.

DSC00067When it comes to a historic house of worship like ours, it’s up to us to keep it sacred. At the September UMW Luncheon, Suzy will share more about Partners for Sacred Places and its dedication to historical treasures like our own sacred place here at FUMCFW. Partners often asks congregations to consider who in the community would miss them if they had to close their doors. According to Suzy, FUMCFW provides a range of critical outreach services, making them a lifeline to those most needing assistance. “Many people would greatly suffer if your doors were to close and you could not provide help any longer,” she adds. “Community leaders acknowledge the contributions of First Church, and our city is fortunate to have such heartfelt dedication to serving our less fortunate neighbors.”

JonAnna Reidinger, Vice President of UMW Programs, invites all women to Luncheons & Programs sponsored by UMW, starting with “Sacred Places” in September. “We are so blessed at FUMCFW to have such a rich history of service to our community,” JonAnna exclaims. “Suzy Yowell from Partners for Sacred Places will present how churches and community can engage to provide services for and comfort to its citizens. This is the first of a full season of wonderful speakers and ideas that nurture our UMW community and its exciting mission inside and outside the historic walls of our church.”

924023771 2Join us on Tuesday, September 6, at 11:30 am in Wesley Hall for lunch and to hear Suzy’s fascinating presentation. “I am looking forward to sharing more about Partners for Sacred Places and our dedication to the stewardship and sustainability of our most treasured historical sacred places,” Suzy says. “We know what takes place in a church on Sunday — it’s the other six days of ministry that often surprise people.”

Click here to RSVP online, or leave a message on our RSVP Line at 469/844-8690. Child care is provided; contact Paula Wagstaff ( for reservations. Please RSVP and make your child care reservations by noon on Friday, September 2. We look forward to seeing you at our September UMW Luncheon!


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