Our First Day

By September 15, 2015Children's Ministries

Mark BurrowsThank You Families!

Our first Sunday of Fall Academy was great!
The halls were bustling. The rooms were packed with kids. Life is good!

Something to keep in mind, the first day of Academy is like the first day of school — we’re all just getting our syllabus, learning our locker combination, and trying to figure out where everything is.
The following weeks, when everyone starts to get the routine, are even better!

Speaking of routine…

As you know by now, our schedule in Children’s doesn’t line up precisely with adult Sunday school or 9:30 am worship.
That all has to do with best practices for elementary-age children and how long they can stay in one place before it’s time to move.
So at 10:20, we rotate the children to their next classes which don’t end until 10:50/10:55 am.
It would really mean a lot to us (and to the kids) if they can be allowed to stay in those classes until that rotation ends. They are doing such amazing things in these classes. Click here to download a pdf of the schedule
You are always welcome to come hang out in room 209. (We keep the Starbucks brewing.)
And we can’t wait until the new Parent’s Lounge Area is completed later this fall. We really do want to make things as comfortable and welcoming as possible for you.

And please don’t blame us for wanting to hold onto your kids a little longer each week. (It’s your fault for having such amazing kids!)

Have a great week!



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