Original Blessing (Not Original Sin)

Nancy Froman_150“As Matthew Fox said, we made a terrible mistake by starting with “original sin” (a phrase not in the Bible); we absolutely must begin with original blessing.”  — Fr. Richard Rohr

I read this last week and my heart was filled with joy! People are created in God’s image and have God’s Spirit in us from birth. This is exactly what I told the 3’s and 4’s Preschool Sunday School classes each week during our Sacred Circle time (on the Big Blue Blanket) this Spring and they “got it.” Just think of the first time when you saw a newly born baby and you can picture it. The Christian Church has mostly focused on our “sins” throughout history. I believe that God is bigger and more gracious than that. Six times in the Creation story in Genesis 1:9-31 it says “God created it, and it was good” —  and it even ends with “indeed it was very good!” I would end my time together with the Preschoolers by using anointing balm to make the sing of the cross on their foreheads or hands — and I would say to each little friend, “You are special and God loves you very much.” Can you imagine how much our hearts and lives would be transformed if we all truly believed this?!

Rev. Nancy Froman


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