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By November 13, 2014News, Senior Pastor


As our new planning cycle begins, our church leaders soon will be working to determine the areas of specific focus for our church in the coming two years. I asked our staff to submit their own assessment of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) for their area of ministry in consultation with the lay leadership in that area. That SWOT analysis is only one part of the biennial planning process. A congregational survey has been designed to gather much of the same information from the perspective of the members of the congregation. The next step will be a series of meetings of staff and the Church Council to examine the composite input from staff and congregation to set our course as a church.

It seems like surveys are everywhere these days; just about everyone wants to know what we think about what they’re doing. If you’re like most busy people, myself included, this constant polling can get annoying. The truth is, a good survey instrument is the best way to gather the vital input of a large group of people quickly and efficiently, and in that respect, this survey is no different. We do want to know what you think about how things are going in every ministry area of the church; and, since everyone doesn’t interact with every ministry, it takes a large number of responses to give us a good idea of what our congregation is thinking and feeling about where we are going and what we are doing as a faith community.

Today, of the 4000+ on our active member list, we have received only 212 surveys. Survey science tells us that a reliable sample begins at a 10% response, which in our case is 400. If you haven’t done so already, please take a few minutes today and complete your part of this important planning tool for our church. We do want to know what you think — and, because responses are completely anonymous, we want to hear what you really think.

It’s easy, too. This survey is shorter and much quicker to complete — about half as long as the last one — and it offers a simple 1 – 5 rating scale for each area of ministry with a space beneath each question for additional comments. There is also a Not Applicable (N/A) response for each question to move you quickly through the ministries you don’t interact with. Upon response, results are tabulated online and will be published once the survey closes and the planning work based on our responses begins.

Thank you for all you do for our church and for your thoughtful responses to these important questions. We are depending on your input to help guide our choices and priorities for the next two years!

Grace and Peace,




Click here to take the survey online, or pick up a printed survey form in the Welcome Center and main Church Office.


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