From One Mountaintop to the Next!

By September 15, 2013The Gathering


A week ago today I stood in front of 100 young adults at the Discovery Discernment Retreat, an event for students who are feeling a call to ordained ministry. I tried to share a message of encouragement, support, and exhortation, and as I spoke I realized the room was full. Full of “amens,” full of optimism, full of the conviction that an active, loving God reaches into our hearts and helps us mature into the people we were made to be. So, needless to say, that was pretty awesome. I went to the event to encourage others, and I was the one who left with new energy and conviction.

That optimism spilled over into Monday evening when we collaborated with FUMCFW Adult Ministries to hold our first Scripture & Spirits event at Rodeo Goat. The gathering was everything I hoped it would be. Social, thoughtful, energetic, and FUN. We were 14 people at a bar on a Monday night discussing our beliefs, our God, and our desire to live full lives. Does it get any better than that?

Those two “mountaintop” experiences were fantastic, and the glow stuck with me for a number of days. The good news, though, is that mountains form in ranges, with new peaks and majestic views just a short climb away. So it’s back to work, meeting new people and climbing new trails. Thank you for your prayers, and we’ll speak again soon!


Prayers for this week:

God, thank you for allowing us to climb high peaks, to see your great creation and soak up its beauty. Bless us with the energy to reach others in your name. Protect us from our doubts and fears. Fill us with your light, your love, and your spirit forever. Amen.


The next Scriptures and Spirits meets Mon, Oct. 14!


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