Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

By August 12, 2013Sanctuary

Mikeblog_Seussmike_webDr. Seuss’ last book was written in 1990.  It sells about 300,000 copies a year and is equally loved by children and adolescents about to begin new adventures.  I’ve thought about this book since yesterday when Jan and I took our daughter-in-law and two grandchildren to DFW, for their flight to Madison, Wisconsin.  They rejoined our son Adam, who drove to move their furniture into their new home and soon begin his new job.  As you can imagine, we are thrilled for this exciting opportunity – and also sad that our driving time to visit them has increased from 45 minutes to over 18 hours!

Aaron is our 2 ½ year old grandson.  After returning home from the airport, we received a picture of him while waiting to board their flight.  He wasn’t looking at the phone that clicked the picture, but instead was pressing his face right up against the terminal windows that showed the spot their plane would be arriving.  He was staring at all the service vehicles that were preparing for their work.  I wondered, “What is going through his little mind?  Is he just admiring the trucks, or does he have an inkling of the big adventure that’s about to happen?  Oh, the places he’ll go….

God provides us with a profound presence and peace that enables us to press our faces up against the window of life.  There will be moments of sadness, but don’t forget the wonder and freshness that each new day will bring.  This is the hope that will keep our hearts and attitudes childlike!  And didn’t Jesus remind us that when we become like children, we take our first steps into the kingdom of heaven?  Now, that can bring a smile to all of our faces!


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