North Texas Giving Day and the Methodist Justice Ministry

The Methodist Justice Ministry goes beyond legal work to also provide financial and material support, as well as professional counseling, personal encouragement, and friendship. Our clients are grateful for the life-changing work of the Methodist Justice Ministry.

A former client writes:

On this North Texas Day of Giving, I’d like to remind everyone of the importance of the Methodist Justice Ministry. My four children and I had to go through a great deal of pain that no child or parent should ever have to go through, because of sexual abuse of the children by their father… I had no money and I didn’t know how to begin to protect my children. I was not a person educated or experienced in the legal system. I received a recommendation from Alliance for Children that I turn to the MJM. To this day, I still remember the first time I spoke to Rev. Brooks Harrington and his entire staff — how compassionate, understanding and reassuring they all were. If it would not have been for MJM, I’d hate to think of the outcome for me and my children. Though it took a great deal of time and work, they obtained exactly what we needed. They demonstrate daily the critical difference that can be made in children’s lives. During troubling times, all people want is comfort and peace. The MJM staff gave that to us. Thank you for your generosity to the MJM!”

Please support us on North Texas Giving Day. You can schedule your donation now or donate on September 20, 2018.


Thank you for supporting our mission!

Rev. Brooks Harrington
Legal Director of Methodist Justice Ministry


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