North Texas Giving Day helps keep Methodist Justice Ministry open

The Methodist Justice Ministry empowers women and children to make new lives free of abuse, taking complicated and time-consuming cases that other agencies do not have the resources to address.

Two clients explain how Methodist Justice Ministry has impacted their lives:

Methodist Justice Ministry provides light and hope in the midst of difficult and dark times. Without their assistance I would not have been able to protect my son and myself. Methodist Justice Ministry helped me when others turned me away, providing a way through when I thought there was none. For that I will always be grateful!”

For the last three years, my children could not start school on time because they did not have the necessary school uniforms or supplies. Their father was abusive and neglectful, and I thought we were stuck in the relationship. But this year a crisis that nearly cost me my job brought me to know the Methodist Justice Ministry. I went to them for help with getting custody of my children. The Ministry staff jumped right in and took our case. I was so grateful because I had tried everything. I met attorney Jodie Connaughton for the first time, and I told her my story. That was all it took for them to file a suit to protect my children from abuse and then to help us financially and in every other way. Methodist Justice Ministry is the best, and I truly thank God for them. They got my children school clothes and supplies, and my children were able to start school on time. We are making a new life free of fear. Methodist Justice Ministry gave me hope when I thought there could be no hope.”

We are supported entirely through generous donors like you. Your donation allows us not only to meet the legal needs of individuals who have nowhere else to turn and see their cases through the end, but also to meet their material and emotional needs.

Please support us on North Texas Giving Day. You can schedule your donation now or donate on September 20, 2018.


Thank you for supporting our mission!

Rev. Brooks Harrington
Legal Director of Methodist Justice Ministry


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