Note to All Choir Families

Hi Choir Families.

First of all — Christmas Eve was amazing.

Your children were simply fantastic.

Hearing them sing (and sign) “Silent Night” was a highlight.

We start choir back this Sunday.

Notice that our start time will be 9:30 am.

They will still get Sacrament School (details on that are in the general Children’s email).

They will learn about the sacraments of Baptism and Communion with me, while Chris works with them on the music.

We have a big spring musical, plus singing “What a Wonderful World” — with moms and mother figures — for Baby Celebration!

Below is a brief rundown of our January schedule.

Happy New Year!


K – 2nd Choir kids will come to me in our usual spot for Sacrament School at 9:30 am.

3rd – 5th Choir kids will go to Chris in Room 205 for choir practice.

At 10:10 am Chris and I will switch kids.

So kids who start off with Chris in Room 205 will be with me in Room 200 at pickup time. 


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