You Have No Idea How Good It Feels

Staff_Robarts, Charme“You Have No Idea How Good It Feels . . . ”

That’s what he said as we were walking into the Starbucks in Sundance Plaza a few weeks ago. It was one of those pleasant days in March after we’d had another nasty snow/ice extravaganza. We’d met near the fountain where a few children were taking advantage of the warm temperature, running and squealing as if they were surprised when the water shot up from the jets all around them.

Leaving the moms and children behind to get coffee before continuing our conversation, Kevin said, “you have no idea how good it feels to walk in here like a normal person, not carrying my backpack and all my possessions with me.”

FUMCFW made a contribution to Kevin’s efforts to increase his success by purchasing a month long membership at the YMCA. Now he showers every day before his part time job and stores his belongings in the locker provided.

He walks in to Starbucks like a “normal” person.

I teased him about who and what is normal and we came up with ridiculous possibilities for defining normal, but I knew what he meant.

Or at least I try to imagine.

I guess I really have no idea.


The Community Advocate Office coordinates the joint efforts of church members and friends of the church to end homelessness. Life coaching, mentoring, social and educational activities, provide opportunities for people to lead fuller lives of sharing and caring for each other. 


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