Okay, so on to the next BIG THING

Staff_Burrows, MarkHello Families.

Well, the Early Bird Deadline for VBS has come and gone. (tweet-tweet)
Let’s just say, this is going to be a VERY big VBS.
And while the price is now at $30 per child, that’s still a great deal for what we’re offering.

Three Quick Things –

Thing One – Thank you for a wonderful Children First service. The children’s choirs were outstanding, the 3s and 4s were courageous, and you were so supportive.

Thing Two – This Sunday is Promotion Sunday. We will start referring to the kiddos by the grade they’re going into this fall.
Click here for the Summer Schedule for children going into Kindergarten – 6th Grade.
We’re offering fun, content-rich experiences all summer.

Thing Three – The next VBS deadline, and the one that gives me the gurgles, is our July 6 Registration Deadline. I want to make sure absolutely everyone knows that after July 6, we won’t be taking any more VBS registrations. The thought of a walk-up family being disappointed on Day One of VBS makes my heart sink. But we really need to know our total number of kids a week in advance so we can have the right number of supplies, T-shirts, CDs, snacks, and teachers.

Have a Wonderful Week!


VBS Registration fumcfw.org/vbs-registration


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