Faith In Action: Let’s Set a New Record

By January 28, 2016Stewardship & Generosity

staff_Roger Partridge_150Last Sunday in traditional worship, I shared some of my thoughts about why I give and my early memories of giving to my church. During my talk, I said that about one-third of our congregation completed a pledge in 2015, and although some may say that low pledge participation is a national trend, I’m not sure I agree with that. What’s more, I KNOW that we at First Church Fort Worth can do better When I mention this conundrum to individual church members, almost without exception they agree that our church can do better. We’ve talked a lot about why we give, but why don’t people fill out an annual commitment card? Is it a lack of awareness that giving is a spiritual practice? Do they think that someone else will cover their small donation with a larger one? Maybe they don’t realize the importance of participation in what God is doing through our church — and that their gift can make a difference to our ministries and those we serve. I hope that by talking about the importance of all gifts to our ministries — and the spiritual significance of pledging our support each year — that everyone will feel comfortable in making at least a “starting point” commitment to our church.

As always, if you have any questions about supporting the ministries of our church, please contact me ( at 817/339-5098. Click here to make your 2016 commitment to our church online.

Roger Partridge,
Director of Stewardship


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