New and Renewed this August

Robert StovallThe month of August can be considered one of two things: a boring month, or a month of renewal. Quite a contrast, wouldn’t you say?!

Boring in that, for many, it’s a month that is dreadfully hot. (Just ask my outdoor plants.) There’s not much going on for the sports fan either. There’s only baseball to watch. (I personally LOVE baseball — GOOOO RANGERS!!!) All the shows on TV are reruns. Did I mention it’s too hot?

On the other end of the spectrum, for many — as in teachers, students, and parents — August is a month for preparation of the return to school. There is excitement in the air concerning new expectations and opportunities which await over the horizon. Anticipation is the dominating emotion. These are the feelings I’ve had for most of the summer. Anticipation, excitement, and a dose of self-control has been the approach I’ve taken as it pertains to the return of our wonderful members to the many music organizations we offer.

FINALLY, the anticipation changed to an eventful happening. Excitement was changed to optimistic and promising results in our first rehearsal this past Wednesday evening. The self-control changed to a release of energy focused around singing, teaching, and joy of being a part of a musical community once again. Our first rehearsal back from summer was as if we never left. Members of the Choral Union and Adoramus community singing their hearts out, learning quickly, and working toward improving their individual abilities dominated the rehearsal sessions. Our Fifth Street Bells held their first rehearsal this past Wednesday evening as well. New music, new goals — new, new, new! NEW! That’s what August feels like to me. I left Wednesday night feeling refreshed and excited. My mind was working overtime thinking about what we need to do with certain pieces of music, how it needs to be perfected, what approach I need to take to accomplish the task — all of these thoughts were going through my head. I LOVE IT!!! I KNOW we are going to have a wonderful season in our choir families. How do I know? I experienced the renewal this past Wednesday evening. COME JOIN US!

BTW, did I mention it was hot?




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