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By June 25, 2015Master Plan

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One exciting new feature of our the first building phase of in our new Master Plan project is the creation of a brand new, easy-to-access FUMCFW Library. Located on the first floor across from Wesley Hall, our Library’s new, more visible and centralized location and its resources will be more convenient than ever before, with exciting features including:

• Glass cabinets to showcase thematic, seasonal, or topical displays
• Archive displays cabinets now visible from the main first floor hallway, rather than just from inside the library
• An open view into the Library stack areas through the glass display cases
• Spacious entrance and check-out area
• New shelving and more efficient furniture will add functionality and flexibility
• Small meeting space/sitting area in the back will be perfect for quiet conversations
• Television monitor for viewing the live worship services
• AV storage closet with a lavatory to make equipment readily available for checkout
• Relocated book return slot, from the side hall directly into library check-out area cabinet
• Direct connection to the main administrative copier and work room (which also will have its own new hall doorway)

Deep and sincere thanks to the many library volunteers for their tireless work in getting ready for relocation. The projected construction completion of the new library is by the July 13; relocation soon to follow.

Barry Hudson
Building Study Committee Chair


Library Demolition

Library Demolition Image

Click here to view a floor plan of our new  FUMCFW Library!


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