We’re Nearly 75% There!

Staff_Partridge, RogerI am delighted to report that as of 10:00 am this morning we were at 73% of reaching our year-end goal, with just $135,400 left to go! Click here to join this final push to meet our goal!

Today I am filled with the deep gratitude we all can share to be part of a community of faith that works so diligently together to meet an urgent need. Together let’s express our deepest thanks to God and to one another for how we’ve come together around this need — and for all who have responded and keep responding to our calls for year-end contributions to help close out our financial year successfully.

Yesterday we published our Year in Review — celebrating a grand FUMCFW Top 10 List of noteworthy accomplishments and acknowledgement of all the lives we’ve touched as a faith community this past year. Today we add to that list the joy of worshiping with the 250 new members we’ve added to our church family this year — and the opportunity to worship with them in such a magnificent space with a new pipe organ that is one of the largest and most complex instruments of its kind. Because of all we have done together this year, we are part of a very special chapter in First Church History.

So now, with just 12 hours left in this amazing year, we’re passing the virtual plate one more time to see if we can get a little closer to our goal — and I’m still hopeful we can meet it! In fact, if everyone reading this message right now will click on the link below (or text 817-241-2327) and make a final year-end donation of $28.50, we will reach our year-end goal before midnight!

If you’d like to make your year-end donation by check (be sure it’s postmarked today!), someone will at the church until 5:00 pm today to answer your questions or receive your in-person contributions. If you have questions or need to speak to someone about your contribution, please don’t hesitate to call me at 817/339-5098.

With gratitude,

Roger Partridge Signature


We can do this! Click here to donate now!


And remember:

Steve (Fagan) will be at 817-339-5085 until 5:00 for phone-in credit card donations
Olivia (Perkins) or Roger (Partridge) will be at the front desk until 5:00 pm for walk-in donations
All checks dated and postmarked by 12/31/14 count
And of course, the website and our new Text To Give option (817-241-2327) is available until midnight for online donations







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