Music of the Spheres

Len Delony1Music of the Spheres — A perfectly harmonious music thought by Pythagoras and later classical and medieval philosophers to be produced by the movement of celestial bodies but to be inaudible on the earth.

Ever since I first heard the phrase “music of the spheres,” it has always invited me into a sense of wonder in creation. (I’d forgotten that the phrase goes all the way back to Pythagoras!) And when I take time for playful space and wonder, it seems that everything is in a relationship with the Divine that is at some level, all creation is being called back to ultimate healing and wholeness and harmony (but full of ongoing surprises). The music that can be heard “with ears that hear” in kairos time calls us into that playful space of grace, and invites us into the freedom of forgiveness and reconciliation. Music invites us into our intimate experience of wonder and deep joy. This powerful way of knowing cannot be contained in just words. But if we are open to the experience of the Incarnation (or the Word made flesh that we celebrate in the Christ Child at Christmas), the mysterious depths of God’s transforming Presence become a reality that gives us eyes that truly see and ears that hear sounds in ways that become sanctifying.

Almost every year at this time, singer-songwriter Peter Mayer comes to our church for an always delightful musical gathering. This year he won’t be able to join us (though Elizabeth Wills and Hannah Kirby will be here for a wonderful concert on December 21 — come join us!)

But for right now, here is one of Peter’s songs about the wonder of singing.

Singing a Song — Peter Mayer

And here’s another bonus from a recent “On Being” interview with Alice Parker, a wise 90+ year old musician sharing her thoughts on the wonder of music.


Grace and peace and lots of music on your journey,



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