The Music Has Been Incredible!


I have failed to write a blog for some time now. And why is that you may ask? Honestly, it’s due to the fact that Music & Worship Arts has just completed an incredible run of fantastic music presentations during the Lenten season. Many of you have been extremely complimentary about our musical presentations in both the Sunday services and our special presentations on Palm Sunday evening, Good Friday evening, and of course Easter morning. I can’t begin to explain the feelings that were generated in my heart due to the fact that our musicians supplied much-needed emotional support during the dramatic Holy Week. Meaningful messages through music supported our emotions as we experienced the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior. For that I am forever grateful to our musicians in the choirs, bell choir, and instrumentalists, Peggy Graff at the organ, and on and on and on. These wonderful people provided an important support system through our music presentations. Hopefully, they touched your heart as much as they touched mine.




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