Muffins with Mister Mark

By September 25, 2018Children's Ministries

This coming Sunday is Muffins with Mister Mark!

Come to the Children’s Wing to do the online check-in. THEN…

Bring your child up to Room 350 (the old Gathering space on the 3rd floor).
It’s the only room other than the sanctuary or Wesley Hall that can hold all of us!

At 8:30 am we’ll have muffins (from Stir Crazy), juice, and water.
We’ll sing, laugh, bond, and decorate posters for the Challenger League game.

Then, at 9:15 am we will walk all the kids down to the Children’s Wing.
(One of our security guards will be assigned to us.)

If there are any parents who can join us and help out, especially with walking the kiddos down, that would be GREAT!

Have a wonderful week, and know that Julie, Cha-Cha, and I are having the BEST time with your amazing kiddos.

Mark Burrows
Director of Children’s Ministries


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