Support our Mission Teams Ministries at our 10.4 Ministry Fair

Daniel Roe

I have the privilege of serving with a wonderful group of people on the FUMCFW Mission Teams Ministries Council. These people take the charge to “be God’s people in the world” beyond our national borders.

At this time, we have two ongoing international missions; one to Costa Rica and one to Kenya. The Costa Rica team has been taken this trip for ten years. The Kenya team has gone each summer since 2010 (with the exception of this year when the trip was cancelled for security reasons).

In Costa Rica, we built a children’s worship center and a medical clinic. During the most recent trip, the team worked on a parsonage attached to back of the worship center. These buildings are to support the Puerto Viejo community in northern Costa Rica.

In Kenya, we are providing uniforms and tuition that allow 250 students to attend school. Until 1964, Kenya was an English colony. Therefore, their education system is designed after the English model, which means you cannot attend school without a uniform. Education is free through the Eighth Grade. But to get into high school, you must pass a test and pay tuition.

As church members, it is up to us to support these missions; they are our missions even if we don’t personally travel to these foreign countries. On Sunday, October 4, we will have an opportunity to do just that. On this day, the Church will be hosting a Mission Teams Fair. You will have the opportunity to purchase Costa Rican coffee and personal items made by Kenyans. A portion of the funds raised through these purchases will go to support our mission trips. However, you will also have the opportunity to directly support the missions through several sponsorship levels. $25 will purchase concrete for the team’s use in Costa Rica or buy shoes for two Kenyan students. $50 will purchase concrete reinforcing bars or provide and entire uniform for one Kenyan student. We have higher levels as well.

As mentioned above, only a portion of the money spent on coffee and Kenya items will go to support these causes. However, the sponsorships are opportunities to give without worrying about administrative costs. These programs are being administered by your fellow church members and church staff. Therefore, your entire sponsorship donation will go to support the cause you determine. Nothing is siphoned off to cover expenses. The participants on these trips pay their own way every year.

Please be generous.

Daniel Roe, Mission Teams Ministries Council Chair


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