The Most Ever Serving on Our 2017 Costa Rica Mission Team!

Chuck Graff2Rev. Phyllis Barren and I will be co-leading our 2017 Costa Rica Construction/VBS/Medical Mission Trip in July this year, and we now have 28 amazing servant leaders registered to serve. This is our 13th trip to work with our brothers and sisters in northern Costa Rica near the Nicaraguan border, and over the years we have helped build the new Childrens Worship Center/Sanctuary, Medical Clinic, and Parsonage. This year we will continue our construction and VBS lessons with several rural churches in the area. We also have 10 new medical team members (led by Dr. Wes Alderete) signed up to serve for the very first time at the medical clinic that you all have helped us build. Methodism is growing and thriving in Costa Rica and throughout Central America, and you all continue to have a vital role in spreading Christianity throughout the region that will have an impact for years to come. The congregation that you have helped establish is now creating satellite churches, and going into other countries to evangelize and to serve others. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. Here is a list of those serving this year, with an * by those serving on the new medical team.

1.  Dan & Beth Cooper

2.  Jim Hash & Deborah Ryan

3.  Allison McMahon & Caren Walker

4.  Victor Munoz & Sarah Munoz

5.  Rich & Vonne Walton

6.  Dea Whatley & Cindy Barnes

7.  Sharon West * (helping with both teams) & Cindy Young

8.  Dr. Wes Alderete * & Michael Thomson

9.  Dr. Mark * & Marianne Bussell *

10.  Dr. Sreeni * & Kim Gudimetla

11.  Deborah Manning * & Shelila White Stewart *

12.  Peggy * & Stephen Needler

13.  Denise Bailey & *Alicia McLeod

14.  Rev. Phyllis Barren

15.  Rev. Chuck Graff *

Grace and Peace,




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