MJM’s Safe Home Program Meets Critical Needs

Thank you for your support of Methodist Justice Ministry (MJM). You have helped provide legal representation and ongoing support to families who have experienced domestic abuse and neglect.
Currently, our world is filled with uncertainty as we face the results of COVID-19 and the work at MJM has become even more critical.
The local hospitals have already seen a spike in child abuse cases that are linked to the stresses from the COVID-19 pandemic.  The results of this will be an increase in the families that will be seeking legal representation to ensure the children are with a loving, protective caregiver.
The unprecedented actions to stop the spread of COVID-19 have left many of our families in need of social services and financial assistance. We have almost 40 families that are requesting support to help with childcare, purchasing additional groceries, providing money for utilities and housing, and healthcare related items.
We expect this number will rise as many of our families work schedules have been severely reduced, others are expecting layoffs if this continues, and they lack childcare for the hours they are working. These closures and reduced work hours will severely diminish their ability to pay rent and buy food.
Our Safe Home Program enables us to meet their basic needs due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic today and in the months ahead, but we did not plan for the amount of our support our clients will need to recover from this unforeseen event.
We hope that you will continue to support MJM to ensure that the most vulnerable children do not become even more vulnerable when times are tough.
Thank you for being such a great friend to MJM and I hope that you are safe and healthy.
With appreciation,
Rev. Brooks Harrington
Legal Director
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