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By November 18, 2015Methodist Justice Ministry

MJM Sunday Number Kids_HSThe Methodist Justice Ministry (MJM) protects women and children from domestic violence, neglect, and abuse — and in the process, transforms their lives.

Jacob and Johnny, twin boys born with a high concentration of methamphetamine in their bodies from their mother’s drug use during her pregnancy, were kept in the hospital for four weeks after their births so the staff could care for them during their withdrawals. The mother came to the hospital daily, demanding her babies’ immediate release. Child Protective Services (CPS) found the mother’s aunt, and she filed for custody and consented to leaving the babies in the hospital until they were clean and healthy. This aunt was already caring for five other children who were not her own, and she had a very low income. CPS referred her to the Ministry.

MJM filed suit for the aunt to gain primary custody of the twins and to receive protection from the mother. The Ministry was able to obtain emergency court orders giving the aunt legal authority to 1) consent to the continued necessary hospitalization of the babies, 2) take the children into her home after their discharge from the hospital, and 3) deny the mother any access to the children until she could prove she had been completely drug-free for at least three months. Only then would the mother be allowed any supervised visitation with the children. MJM has continued to provide financial help to the aunt, enabling her to care for all of the material needs of the babies and other children.

This is only one story of the 650 children whose lives have been changed by the work of our Methodist Justice Ministry since it was founded in 2006.

For more information about MJM, or to help support its efforts through donations, visit methodistjusticeministry.org.

Join us on November 22 for Methodist Justice Ministry Sunday as we lift up MJM in worship, then meet on 5th Street for refreshments and more. This is your chance to learn all about this life-changing ministry.


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