Mission Class 3/30/15

Dear Mission Class parents,

Today we had a very successful field trip to the mission and the kids were so excited to be a part of it. Thank you for allowing your children to come and share their love with those in need. We made over 130 sack lunches to give to homeless people this week! You should be very proud of your child and the service projects they are participating in. Give them an extra high five for a job well done! And, thank you to the volunteers that came — we appreciate all your help.

As you know, next week is Easter Sunday. No mission class. Please enjoy the services the church provides.

On April 12, we will be collecting gently used stuffed animals. Please bring as many as your child can spare. 🙂

On April 19, we will be collecting gently used (or new) books. Once again, please bring as many as your child can spare.

The stuffed animal and book drive will go toward our “Night Night Bags” project. We will put together bags with a stuffed animal and book for children that are admitted into homeless shelters. Many of us can’t begin to imagine how scary it is to enter a homeless shelter because you have no other place to go. Hopefully the Night Night Bag will provide a warmer welcome.

On April 12, we will also begin our projects for the MISSION SHOP, which will take place on April 26. We will be selling Tote Bags and Bath Scrubs — all proceeds support The Mission Class (which, in turn, supports First Street Mission & others). Please mark your calendars so you can SHOP!

Thank you again for all your support. We hope your children are enjoying learning, serving others, and praising the Lord through their mission projects.


Your Mission Teachers
Haley & Mason Manulik and Gena Anderson (K – 2)
Danielle Walker, Kelly Meador, and Robin Standley (3 – 5)


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