Mineral Wells Retreat Details


I want to be sure that all of you have received this new information on the shelters at Mineral Wells State Park.

They are wooden structures set on a concrete slab and will sleep approximately 4-6 adults (probably 4 with cots or air mattresses). They are completely open inside and have wooden shades on three sides of the shelters. One side has screens only at the top and they face the lake or woods for privacy. You may want to bring along an extra blanket or sheet or two to hang up inside for additional privacy. I don’t believe that there is lighting inside and so you will need a lantern or flashlight at night. Outside each shelter is a water faucet and barbecue grill (we will be cooking together) and most have a fire pit. Each shelter has a picnic table as well.

I am going to check in with the park office on Friday immediately when they open at 8:00 a.m. on April 5 to try and secure our shelters close together and near the public restrooms/showers (they don’t reserve specific shelters or sites in advance). They have indicated that when a group reservation is listed under one name, they usually try and work it out for us to be together. Beth and Dan will also be at the park on Friday morning and we will work on getting the three RV sites together (Hill’s, Caroll’s and Cooper’s). We will put tents around the shelter areas and RV sites as there is adequate room there. We will adjust costs accordingly. More details soon and please let me know if you want to reserve a shelter or tent site there. All RV sites are reserved now and I can reserve more if needed and available. Thanks and I hope you can join us!! Mineral Wells is a beautiful state park and come join us for the day if you can’t stay for the weekend. We are going to have a great retreat together in April. Remember the meeting on Sunday, March 17!




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