The Mind of God in a World of Suggestions

Staff_McDermott, TomThe Mind of God in a World of Suggestions
with Rev. Dr. Jon Taylor

This Sunday, in eleven:eleven celebration, guest speaker Rev. Dr. Jon Taylor, a corporate consultant, coach, and entertainer, will present an entertaining, relaxing and inspiring talk on the power of Hyper-Suggestion, and how we can access this highly focused state of imagination to find our own place of deep relaxation, playfulness and connection with God and one another.

John Wesley speaks of God’s prevenient grace in this way, the idea that we are each imbued with God’s love and God’s life — from before our birth. And, as John Phillip Newell, a Celtic Spirituality writer and former Dean of the Iona Community puts it, “The hidden treasure that Jesus points to is God’s life interwoven among our life… God is the life within all life.”

Jon TaylorSo often, however, this is not our day-to-day experience. We get caught up in our own doubts — the “not enough” suggestions we absorb from the world around us: I’m not attractive enough, not successful enough, not worthy enough, etc. Those messages are all around us, all the time.

We live, quite literally, in a world of filled with hyper-suggestion (what some might call “subliminal messaging”). Every moment of our life is packed with ideas and perceptions and interpretations we are often unaware of (and sometimes to our own personal, and communal, demise). This is not necessarily bad, however. A highly focused state of imagination, Hyper-Suggestion is also a way in which we can find deep relaxation, playfulness and connection with God and one another.

Oddly enough, the Gospel, as well as Paul’s message, seems to speak to this idea of hyper-suggestion repeatedly encouraging us to remember who we are — and in whom we find our life, our movement, and our very being. It is important to remember that no matter what happens, we are of God and most at home “in” God, especially when we live our lives out of that understanding. Because we are meant for a higher understanding of our place and purpose in connection with one another (through compassion, love, and justice), we are in the mind of God, and God is in us, even in the midst of our world of hyper-suggestion.

With a passionate belief in laughter as the world’s best medicine, Dr. Taylor says he is on a mission to take God to the world marketplace without the religious rhetoric. Offering up a few playful examples to demonstrate how hyper-suggestion works, Dr. Taylor will then provide us with some helpful tips for achieving greater states of relaxation and awareness in our daily and spiritual practices.

See you Sunday!



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