They Are Mighty and Can Still Fight

Larry GrubbShe was confined to a wheelchair, and this did not stop her. One day she had the facility where she resided take her to Wal-Mart to get her hair done. Now, you don’t mess with a lady when she is doing important stuff like getting her hair done. When they got to the store, the driver transferred her to an electric scooter and she was off to the Beauty Shop.

When she got to her destination she told the manager she wanted the scooter left there so she would have a way to get back to the exit when she was finished. He informed her that that could not be done, as they need the scooter for other customers. She raised a pretty good ruckus about this and it did not stop there. She complained to the store management and they also told her they could not leave the scooter with her.

She was still not stopped. Off goes a letter to the headquarters in Benton, Arkansas. All of this turned into a message to that Wal-Mart store that this 90-year-old lady could not shop there without a responsible adult with her.

Fume and fuss, fume and fuss! This dear lady got her a T-shirt printed and wore it to the store. The shirt read as follows: “I am 90 years old and I got kicked out of Wal-Mart!” The next time she was in the store there were 11 new electric scooters.




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