where do the mermaids stand and other questions to ponder

Staff_Robarts, CharmeFor whatever reason summertime brings up visions of nice lazy days of reading. Maybe choosing a new book from the best seller list, maybe returning to an old favorite, or diving into one of those books you were supposed to read in college! (I still haven’t read War and Peace.) Images of lying in a hammock or sitting in a chase lounge by the water’s edge with book in hand are stock photos in our brains.

81e8c119405f9613b934f8b787e3e5d4Because of that, this week at 11:11 we are going to take a reader’s theatre approach to the meditation. We will hear great readings from books, articles, and scripture as well as a film clip, and, there will be a sprinkling of poetry, and of course music, strung together around the themes

Life is good
People are good
A recipe for renewal when we get it wrong


I’m calling this meditation “where do the mermaids stand and other questions to ponder”.

Don’t you wonder what that is about?

The gifts of words and stories help us stretch to the edges of our imagination, scratch at the corners of our questions, and sometimes offer us simple and workable solutions for what to do with this moment, with this day. An old Sufi story makes that point.

A man asks God to grant him one wish. “what is it?” God asks. “I want to go around doing good—without knowing it.” God grants the wish. Then God decided that it was such a great idea, that God granted that ability to everyone. And so it remains to this day.

So, get out there and do your thing, knowing that your presence, your way of doing things can be really good for the next person you meet. I’ll be glad to see you on Sunday when Jakie Cabe will add his creative gifts to the morning, and when we welcome Brad Thompson back to lead our very cool band.



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