Making Monsters

By November 5, 2015eleven:eleven, Worship

Charme RobartsIt’s clear we love monsters, with millions of us tuning in for zombie shows and events, and with Halloween costumes the big business that they are. So I’m declaring an extended Halloween season, this Sunday being the Eighth Day of Halloween.

What’s the fascination?

“Monsters, they really are us,” says John Edgar Browning, professor of literature at Georgia Tech. Browning and other scholars note that monsters reveal our fears — fears from without and within.

We’re afraid, because there really are a lot of scary things in the world: disease, war, 9/11, natural disasters, terrorists, scientific and technological advances we’re not sure we know how to control. Like Dr. Frankenstein.

But there are fears from within too. We all have thoughts that we reveal our shadow selves — will we become monsters? Is this near to what Paul wrote about when he said, ‘the thing I don’t want to do, I do, the thing I mean to do, I leave undone’?

And then there are the monsters we create.

There might just be a theology of monsters.

See you Sunday I hope.




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