Making a Difference with Your Ordinary, Everyday Life

Linda McDermott2As our community, our nation, and our world continues to be haunted by violence and threat, how does the church, the Body of Christ, and all its individual members make any real difference to the fierce power of anger and hatred? One of the ways Paul addresses that question is found in Chapter 12 of his letter to the Christians in Rome. It has become one of my favorite Scripture readings, especially the interpretation by Eugene Peterson in The Message. This interpretation gives us a down-to-earth expression of the way God would have us live out our individual, precious lives. Some have called the second half of that chapter Paul’s own version of the Sermon on the Mount. So, in the same manner that he addressed with the fractured church in Corinth, Paul emphasizes Jesus’ one commandment: Love. Here are a few of Paul’s directives:

  • Run from evil, hold on to good
  • Bless your enemies
  • Don’t hit back
  • Discover beauty in everyone
  • Don’t let evil take away your best self
  • Get the best of evil by doing good

I’m looking forward to looking at these verses with you and sharing a poignant story of one individual who exemplified these characteristics in a most unusual way — just an ordinary man (and his family) who took his “ordinary, everyday life” and used it for a profound transformation.

See you this Sunday in DiscipleChurch!



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