What Ever You Do Love Will Find You

Staff_Robarts, CharmeClearly we don’t have enough words or ideas or fire power to express who and what God is. Immanuel Kant observed, “all our knowledge of God is symbolic.”

Even though we realize our limitations (or even when we don’t) the human race has been obsessed with writing about, singing about, arguing about, and creating art about our many questions and ideas about God.

We can’t help ourselves.

All this sounds like we are the ones always in desperate pursuit of God. But with a deep breath and a settled heart we also know that as the song says, “whatever you do, love will find you.”

God finds us, appearing as beauty, not only in what we see but also in what we feel. These things are a particular kind of knowing that as humans we often have the joy of experiencing together.

I’ll look forward to seeing you Sunday, and being together, “love will find us.”



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