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By January 7, 2015Stewardship & Generosity

Tim Bruster 2014_web 150Dear Friends,

This week we begin our 2015 Stewardship emphasis with an exploration of the spiritual side of giving — and the sermon series, “Why We Give,” that touches at the very heart of our mission as it’s expressed in our tagline, Love God, Serve People, Transform Lives.

As we explore these ideas one at a time over the next few weeks, we’ll discover all the wonderful ways in which the financial commitment we make together during this time is not only the lifeblood of the ministries of our church, but more profoundly — and sometimes quite unexpectedly — how the very act of giving is transformative in the life of the giver as well.

From the scriptural side, we’ll look this week to the first chapter of John, (I John 4: 7-21), in which we discover how our worship, our devotional life, and loving others are all bound up together — they go hand in hand. They are all ways to love God.

Giving demonstrates our love for God in a way that makes that love manifest in the lives of others and in the life of our community. One of the discoveries I made many years ago as a new father is that the greatest way to express love for a parent is to express love for that person’s child.  The best thing you could do for me was to do something for my child.  So it is with our love for God.  We love God by loving others and we help others experience God’s love as we ourselves act in loving ways.

At the end of our services we all say that “we will go out to be God’s people in the world.”  What that means in more concrete terms is that we go out to “love God, serve people, and transform lives.”  I’m grateful to be on this journey with you!

Grace and Peace,







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