Love, Against the Odds

Staff_McDermott, TomI’m assuming you know the story of Creation. Maybe you only know some combined version of the two creation stories in the Old Testament (you know there are two in the beginning of Genesis, right?). Megan McKenna, a professor and theologian-storyteller of Celtic and Native American heritage, shares her understanding of the story this way:

FullSizeRender-5“So God said, ‘Let there be light.’ What’s the light? Consciousness? Understanding? The Jews say that it is the soul and the spirit of every human being since the beginning of time to the end. If you know the Jewish tradition, every one of us is a shaft or a shard of light that has been shattered, broken, and scattered throughout the world. To collect all of those and put them together is tikkun olam — repairing the world, putting everything back together again the way it should be. So this is literally the creation of every single human being ever. That ought to blow your mind for a start.”

IMG_0495This Sunday, we will think about power and light in a world overwhelmed by fear and divisiveness. If you look at all the images going on this week, and in recent weeks (not to mention the unavoidable, just bearable, heat of August), the Olympian stories may offer a brief heroic and dramatic respite from the more troubling backdrop of the fear-ridden and divisive realities of the world. But the good news is that light is here, love still abounds. The challenge, sometimes, is remembering — we are part and parcel of that light.

This Sunday we have the whole band back in and it’s our last Sunday with Lydia (vocalist) for some time as she goes back to Vet School. I hope you can join us for some great new music, storytelling, and a curious look at the iPhone as a lens on the sacred.


“August, Augustus, Augury — Love Against the Odds”

with songs by Paul Simon, Rob Thomas, and Mavis Staples

as well as some moving stories and poetry


See you then,




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