Looking Ahead

Mark BurrowsVBS has come and gone.
And now it’s really time to look to Fall Academy.

I wanted to make sure and know which of our “Veteran Teachers” are headed back for more.

If you’re up for teaching this fall, please let me know.
Keep in mind our schedule will look different starting September 10th (the first Sunday of Fall Academy).

Mission and Choir will be in the 9:15-10:00 slot. (We need 8 volunteers for this time slot.)
Academy Classes will be 10:00-10:50. (We need like, a gazillion volunteers for this time slot.)
We believe one of the real benefits to the new time is that 90% of your kids will already be in the Children’s Wing for the beginning of class.
So there won’t be as much “trickling in.”
AND, classes will still be over before the 11:00 Sanctuary service, 11:00 Gathering, and 11:11.

Thank you for considering.
You make a HUGE difference!



Academy Registration in the Garden today at 12:00 p.m.
Link goes live at 2:00 p.m. fumcfw.org/academy


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