Celebrating Labor Day . . . FUMCFW Adopts Living Wage Policy

By September 3, 2015News

Larry Ammerman

As of this summer, and following an in-depth study led by Fred Cantu and a subcommittee of our Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC), FUMCFW has adopted a living wage policy that guarantees all employees a minimum income necessary to meet basic needs (food, clothing and shelter) in our community. The living wage differs from the minimum wage in that minimum wage is set by law and may or may not meet what is necessary to maintain a safe, decent standard of living within our community.

There are a lot of variables to consider in determining what a living wage is for our community. This committee spent countless hours researching and discussing the particulars in order to arrive at a wage of $13.90 an hour as the minimum we will pay full-time church employees after one year of employment. The minimum wage is currently set at $7.25; with this policy in place, minimum beginning wages at FUMCFW will be $12.00 per hour.

The Living Wage Sub-committee also verified that the internal control of performance evaluations was in place and being followed so that the moral obligation of the adjustment was evenly balanced with an accountability factor. Special thanks to the subcommittee who gave so generously of their time to study this issue in great depth to arrive at the number we will use in our Church. Subcommittee members included Fred Cantu, chair, Ralph Green, Cathie Davis and Larry Ammerman, Business Administrator.

This adjustment is part of a nationwide initiative begun in the 1990s to address increasing poverty faced by workers and their families earning minimum wage and not earning a living. Activists argued that a wage is more than just compensation for labor. It is a means of securing a living commensurate with the overall growth of the economy. Because employee, employer, and the community win with a living wage that creates greater job satisfaction, lower turnover and higher employment rates, FUMCFW is proud to join this movement and as of July 1, 2015 — we have!

For more information on the Living Wage or our Committee’s process, please contact Ralph Green (ralphgreen3744@sbcglobal.net).

Larry Ammerman, Business Administrator


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