Living as Easter People

Staff_Delony, LenThe promise of Jesus’ resurrection is not just for sometime in the future. It is for right now.

As Jesus says, the kingdom of God is within you. It is about finding in this life your true identity in God, as recipient and participant in God’s love, united in Jesus’ resurrection with God’s own self.

What must die before “resurrection into God’s life” can happen? … What Richard Rohr (and others) call the False Self, the identity we construct from childhood onward… the image we’ve made to fit our particular family, social group, culture, religion. It is not in and of itself “bad.” We need its structure to help us function. But it gets in the way of our True Self’s call to be and act within Grace. When our False Self dies, our beliefs about who we are, whether superior or inferior, specially set-apart or excluded, deserving or undeserving, all pass away, and we are left with the very basic fact of our identity, that we are God’s.

— Paraphrased from Richard Rohr’s, “The Immortal Diamond”


Right now, take in a slow, deep breath… gently release it…also letting go of distractions from the miracle of this moment… then simply receive the gift of your next breath… Pay attention in this way of wonder awhile longer. Be intentionally open and present to God’s love throughout the day in this way, and you will see in a new way… you will be Amazed by Grace.

As you move further into this day, may you become more aware of the deep truth and wholeness hidden in your simple breath… May you breathe and move and have your being in this wisdom… that from beginning… to end… you are God’s Beloved… and part of a Beloved Community.

Throughout this day, may your breathing help you be present to all situations, centered in the Wisdom of the Spirit.

Throughout this week, remember to listen for the clarity of God’s loving call, a sound that sings of a deep, healing truth…

We are an Easter people, united with others through God’s love… and delightfully, “one-of-a-kind” in our unique, True Self…

Blessings along the way,



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