Like Steel Traps!

Mark BurrowsChoir Parents —

I wanted to brag on your children.

First of all, yesterday was the deadline for those with speaking roles to have their parts completely memorized.

We tested them . . . and every single kid had their part MEMORIZED! Wow!

Thank you for whatever it was you did to help your kids take their parts seriously!

Secondly, for the choirs as a whole — they are doing SUCH an amazing job with the songs.

Yesterday they sang a song called — The Heart-Song of God — and they nearly reduced me to a puddle.

And it is obvious they are listening to their CDs at home.

Yesterday we started work on a song for the first time and about half the kids already knew it!

Getting to have fun making meaningful music with your children is one of the true highlights of my week.



Summer JAM is June 12 – 15!


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