Let Your Life Speak

Staff_Delony, LenLet Your Life Speak . . .

This is one of my favorite books, by one of my favorite authors, Parker Palmer.

It’s short, simple, and through stories of his own life, he invites us to find clarity about our unique calling in life.

If we are to continue being “instruments of God’s peace,” we need to pay attention to God’s deeper callings to us.

How do you listen beyond the often too busy roles on the surface of your life, to the hopeful, creative, life-giving call in the depths of your soul?

These times of deeper listening (contemplative, prayerful, listening), take us beyond head knowing, to knowing deep in our heart.

Sometimes, the more painful, most difficult moments in our lives are the times we have clarity of calling and purpose. The deep, darkness can lead us to mountaintop visions.

A powerful example, not to try to emulate, but to let his life inspire us to “let our life speak,” is that of Martin Luther King.

This song below was sung beautifully this past Sunday in the Chapel Communion Service at 10:30 by Lydia Smith, accompanied by Laurie Simmons on the piano.

I invite you to listen to it, and let it invite you, to let your life speak . . .

Blessings on your journey,




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