Let’s Talk

Nancy FisherI love to talk! No doubt it has at times gotten me into trouble like in Ms. Massey’s first-grade class as evident by my report card. It has, however, brought me far more joy than misery.

A shoutout of thanks to the New Passages Sunday School class that gave me the opportunity to speak to them recently. I shared a little bit of my personal bio and testimony on why I think I have landed here at FUMCFW. I also shared information on my new role as Director of Stewardship and my thoughts on generosity within First Church.

The best part of the gathering was when the class members shared their questions and comments. Although I certainly won’t have all the answers when questions arise, I will find them and get back to you. We may not always agree on things and that is OK, too. I can assure you that we will have more in common than not and those ideas that we share are what bring us together as a church family.

As our adult Sunday School classes and other groups plan for speakers in the coming months, I would love to be considered. Feel free to reach out to me anytime (nfisher@myfumc.org | Office: 817-339-5098 | Cell: 817-480-3289).




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