2016 Weekly Lent Devotional: An Introduction

By February 7, 2016Devotional, Lent

Linda McDermott2One Sunday morning in early January, I was listening to a report of Christmas sales and was shocked to hear that the number one best selling books from Amazon were coloring books for adults! Millions had been sold in a matter of weeks. The simple act of coloring is filling a need for many of us. For years, the act of mindful coloring has been practiced as a way of praying and meditating, so for a culture that is constantly on the move, it is not surprising that this ancient practice (for adults) and much loved practice (for children) is making a resurgence.

For that reason, I thought that this year’s devotional for Lent might make good use of this same format. Each Monday, starting February 8, we will post the devotional guide for the upcoming week. The guide will provide you with the scripture reading(s) for the coming Sunday, a brief commentary, a coloring page (for you to download), and a suggested mantra for you to repeat as you color.

Please be creative with this process! It is intended to be a guide for you to use as is helpful and meaningful to you. Most will work on this alone, but feel free to download more than one copy and allow family members and/or friends to work on their own simultaneously. You might want to work on this together if that is prayerful for you. You could color the same page with different color combinations or themes each day. Be creative!

Remember that the act of coloring is not the primary purpose. The finished “product” is not the point. This is a time of prayer, a time of meditation, a time to be self-reflective. If coloring is not of any interest to you, please use the guide and the mantra as a spoken prayer or a prompt for journaling. There are many ways of opening ourselves to God.



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