Learn by copying

Dear friends,

I’ve never had a 100% original idea. Everything I’ve done, every change I’ve made, every skill I’ve acquired was influenced to some degree by modeling the behaviors of others. In countless ways big and small, my life has been enriched and blessed by watching and learning from the people who have come before me.

This Sunday is All Saints’ Day, an annual commemoration of the faithful Christians who have gone before us. (In the UMC, “saint” is a term that describes all people who live in God’s sanctifying grace, not individuals elected saints by any church body. Saints are around us every day.) This year, I find myself pausing to reflect on how much I directly model the behaviors I learned from saints. There’s the way I deliver benedictions, modeled after a mentor. The way I pray, copied from a pilgrim I met on a trip to the Holy Land. The way I explain the journey of discipleship, inspired by an Anglican priest I know through a coaching group. The way I learned to tithe, modeled after the men I met in my first small group.

Who are your role models in faith? Do you have any? Do you know where to find more? Growing as a disciple is never a solo journey, it’s one we make alongside countless saints who influence our daily lives. Join a community of saints this Sunday as we gather for worship at the Gathering!

God bless y’all,

Rev. Lance Marshall
Senior Associate Pastor


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