Lay Leadership of Today — and Tomorrow

The early Methodist movement grew through the efforts of laity who led small groups, taught Bible study, provided outreach ministry, and led the administrative life of the church. Those efforts continue with our lay leadership of today and tomorrow.

So what does it mean to “be God’s people in the world?” While some of us reach out as part of our calling, others lead the way from within in a variety of important ways. Beyond the leadership of our clergy, we also need strong lay leaders.

As our annual period of recommendations for our next group of lay leaders begins, we as a congregation once again have the opportunity and responsibility to consider who among us would make a great leader in our church community. From finance to church policy, and from programs to conferences and more, there are many ways to serve our church and our congregation.

Please give some prayerful thought to submitting your recommendations for our 2017 committees for lay leadership, including the following.

Microsoft Word - FUMCFW_9.8_Weekly_Leadership_Groups_D3[1].docx

Help us find our future leaders! Click here to submit a recommendation form, or fill one out in the Main Office, and in the Welcome Center. According to the Book of Discipline, some recommendations must be approved by the Charge Conference, so please understand that a recommendation does not automatically mean a nomination. Submit your suggestions by completing the form online, by mail, or in the Main Office. For more information, contact Elizabeth Becker (


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