A Bible Study That is Open, Honest, and ALIVE

Lance MarshallWeekly Bible study with Lance begins 9/16

Wednesdays, 6:30 – 7:30 pm | Room 231
No registration, payment, or prep needed: come as you are!

Beginning Sept. 16, I will teach a weekly Bible study based on the scripture we will read in the upcoming Sunday service. I want this to be a Bible study that is intriguing to people who have never studied the Bible before, so I visited with some of you and asked one question: Why would you not go to a Bible study? You gave great information, and in response I’ve created something I think you’ll want to be a part of. Here’s what you said:

I don’t know enough to start.

Then this is a great place for you. This isn’t a “Intro to the Bible” class; those can be overwhelming in their scope and agenda. This will be a weekly focus on the upcoming sermon text. In doing so, we’ll discuss the important aspects of the readings, but always in bite-sized increments. When you arrive in church the following Sunday you’ll discover that the sermon, liturgy, and music are all more deeply relevant to you because of your Bible study time.

I don’t know how to read the Bible.

This is a concern more common to people who have attempted to read the Bible and found themselves confused by the language, imagery, references, genre, etc. The most common piece of feedback is “I’m reading the same thing you are, but I’m not getting it the way you are.” That’s why studying in groups is so valuable; we get to share our reflections and learn from those who have been there before. It’s how everyone starts, so be comfortable!

I’m afraid I will be called on/called out.

This won’t happen. You will be allowed to remain silent and anonymous if that’s what makes you comfortable. However, I would be surprised if the judgement-free atmosphere makes you suddenly comfortable sharing questions, reflections, and thoughts as they occur to you.

I don’t know what difference it will make.

I don’t know either. Maybe you will be inspired, maybe comforted. You might be intrigued by historical details or entertained by powerful stories. You may feel a deeper understanding of our faith, of God, of your own spiritual identity. I don’t know what kind of difference it will make, but I know it will make a difference.

I can’t wait to start weekly Bible study with you on Wednesday, Sept. 16, from 6:30 – 7:30 pm.

Join us, and I’ll see you in worship on Sunday!



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