Extreme Makeover: First Floor Ladies Restroom!

By September 8, 2015Master Plan

Barry Hudson_150Here’s the good news — the ladies restroom on the first floor is getting a long overdue makeover — a full remodel and update that will include new accessible sinks, ADA compliant stalls, and new tile and wall finishes. The room to the left of the entry will be modified into a baby changing area, and a separate storage closet will be added off of the main hallway.

The less good news is that with construction now underway the first floor ladies restroom will be out of commission until renovations are completed. We apologize for this inconvenience, and promise it will be well worth it once this phase of the construction is complete.

Other exciting news on our Phase I Building Program includes:

• The beginning of construction on the Children’s Wing Expansion in the Children’s Area is underway.

• The books have been moved to the new Library location on the first floor

• The relocated Bride’s Room (Room 224) has begun being used for weddings

• The former Library area is now a construction zone (for the new children’s classrooms)

The Building Study Committee is now hard at work determining next steps, proposed budgets, and timelines. With strategic planning meetings held with architects and planners over the next two weeks, look for more information about what’s next up in our building and expansion program, coming soon!

Barry Hudson, FUMCFW Building Study Committee Chair

Demolition_Ladies Restroom_9.15


Demolition_Brides Room_9.15

Demolition_Children's Wing_915


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