Know Yourself, Forget Yourself

By May 2, 2014eleven:eleven, Worship

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Rev. Tom McDermott’s Sermon Series:

Know Yourself, Forget Yourself:

Finding Joy in a Life of Paradox

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May 4

“It’s a Sure Thing . . . or Not!”

Guest Artist Dale Colgrove

May 11

“You’re Amazing . . . Now Change!”

May 18

“Be Confident . . . and Question Everything!”

Rev. Linda McDermott

May 25

“I Have a Gift for You . . . and It’s Only Going to Cost . . .”

June 1

“The Best Thing about a Mystery is . . . it’s a Mystery!”

Guest Artist Ken Medema

Featuring the eleven:eleven band led by Brad Thompson with music by the Oh-Hello’s, Joe Walsh, Bruce Springsteen, Vampire Weekend, Mavis Staples & Alison Krauss.

Brad Thompson, eleven:eleven band

Brad Thompson, eleven:eleven band

eleven:eleven band

“Music is the language of the heart — and when combined with lyrics that speak to our deepest longings, it can be transformative.”

Come hear what the eleven:eleven band brings to non-traditional worship every Sunday morning at 11:11 am in Wesley Hall. For more information about eleven:eleven or the eleven:eleven band, please contact Marianne Wilson (


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