The “Kingdom Project” Begins!

By September 19, 2013Youth Ministries

Casey Langley


On September 8th, the youth began a new “curriculum” for Sunday school called “The Kingdom Project.”

Each week, we are processing one of the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:3-10).

You’ve heard them before!


  • Blessed are the poor in spirit,
 for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

  • Blessed are those who mourn,
 for they will be comforted.

  • Blessed are the meek,
 for they will inherit the earth.

  • Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
 for they will be filled.

  • Blessed are the merciful,
 for they will be shown mercy.

  • Blessed are the pure in heart,
 for they will see God.

  • Blessed are the peacemakers,
 for they will be called children of God.

  • Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
 for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

These are powerful statements that Jesus made. These upside-down blessings are meant to be lived! They are glimpses of kingdom living. They were so very opposite everything the original hearers had known. Jesus assigned worth to the outsider—value to the persons on the margins.
So the Kingdom Project invites youth to talk about a beatitude each Sunday and gives them concrete ways to actively practice living that beatitude for the rest of the week. They are challenges that engage them with people, ideas, and experiences that can turn into exciting expressions of love and God’s kingdom. We were hopeful, but we had no idea what kind of life this would take on when we started!


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